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How To Download Ya Syedna Hatim: A Guide For Dawoodi Bohras

Ya Syedna Hatim Pdf Download: How to Access the Biography and Teachings of the 3rd Dai al-Mutlaq

How to Download Ya Syedna Hatim: A Guide for Dawoodi Bohras

Ya Syedna Hatim is a book that contains the biography and teachings of Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim RA, the 3rd Dai al-Mutlaq of the Dawoodi Bohra community. Syedna Hatim was a great scholar, leader, and saint who lived in Yemen in the 6th century AH. He had a long and eventful reign as Dai for 39 years, during which he spread the faith of Tayyibi Dawat and established a strong bond of love and loyalty with his followers. He also wrote many books and letters on various topics of religion, philosophy, history, and ethics. His tomb in al-Hutayb, Yemen, is a place of pilgrimage and blessing for mumineen from all over the world.

If you are interested in learning more about this illustrious Dai and his contributions to Dawat, you can download Ya Syedna Hatim Pdf from the following sources:

  • Fatemi Dawat Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim RA 3rd Dai al-Mutlaq: This website provides a brief history of Syedna Hatim RA, along with a link to download the PDF version of his biography written by Shehzada Dr. Abdeali Bhaisaheb Saifuddin.

  • Hatim 2003 Torrent - lasopabangkok: This website provides a link to download Ya Syedna Hatim A Q, a video that contains the recitation of his qasida (poem) and salaam (greeting) by mumineen.

By downloading Ya Syedna Hatim Pdf, you will be able to read about his life story, his achievements, his challenges, his miracles, and his guidance. You will also be able to appreciate his literary style, his eloquence, his wisdom, and his piety. You will be inspired by his example and seek his intercession for your worldly and spiritual needs.

Ya Syedna Hatim Pdf Download is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to enrich their knowledge and faith in Dawat. It is also a way of expressing gratitude and reverence to this noble Dai who dedicated his life to serving Imam-uz-Zaman SA and his mumineen.

Who was Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim RA?

Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim RA was born in Yemen in 514 AH. He was the son of Syedna Ibrahim bin al-Husain RA, the 2nd Dai al-Mutlaq, and the grandson of Syedna al-Husain bin Ali RA, the 1st Dai al-Mutlaq. He was also a descendant of Maulana Ali AS, the cousin and son-in-law of Rasulullah SA.

Syedna Hatim RA was a brilliant and pious child who memorized the Quran and learned various sciences from his father and other scholars. He was appointed as the 3rd Dai al-Mutlaq by his father in 532 AH, when he was only 18 years old. He assumed the responsibility of leading the Dawoodi Bohra community after his fathers demise in 535 AH.

Syedna Hatim RA faced many challenges and hardships during his tenure as Dai. He had to deal with political turmoil, sectarian conflicts, natural disasters, and persecution from enemies. He also had to travel extensively to different regions of Yemen and beyond to preach the message of Tayyibi Dawat and to meet his followers. He faced all these difficulties with courage, patience, and trust in Allah SWT and Imam-uz-Zaman SA.

What were Syedna Hatim bin Ibrahim RAs achievements?

Syedna Hatim RA achieved many remarkable feats during his reign as Dai. Some of them are:

  • He wrote more than 100 books and letters on various topics of religion, philosophy, history, and ethics. Some of his famous works are Kitab al-Munazarat (The Book of Debates), Kitab al-Akhbar (The Book of Reports), Kitab al-Wasiyya (The Book of Testament), Kitab al-Tawil (The Book of Interpretation), and Kitab al-Majalis (The Book of Sessions).

  • He composed many qasidas (poems) and salaams (greetings) in praise of Allah SWT, Rasulullah SA, Maulana Ali AS, Aimmat Tahereen AS, Duat Mutlaqeen RA, and mumineen. Some of his famous qasidas are Naseemas Saba Yammim Zara Hatimil Jadwa (The Breeze of Saba Brought the Fragrance of Hatims Garden), Ya Syedna Hatim A Q (O Our Master Hatim A Q), and Ya Aala Taher Fidda Nafsi Wa Mali (O The Family of Taher I Sacrifice Myself and My Wealth for You).

  • He established many mosques, madrasas (schools), libraries, wells, gardens, and other public works for the benefit of mumineen and others. He also supported many scholars, poets, artists, and craftsmen who contributed to the cultural and intellectual development of Dawat.

  • He performed many miracles (karamaat) by the grace of Allah SWT and Imam-uz-Zaman SA. He cured the sick, fed the hungry, quenched the thirsty, protected the oppressed, defeated the enemies, foretold the future, and revealed the hidden.

  • He nurtured many loyal and learned followers who served Dawat with devotion and sincerity. He appointed his son Syedna Ali bin Hatim RA as his successor in 573 AH.

Syedna Hatim RA passed away in 596 AH at the age of 82. He was buried in al-Hutayb, Yemen, where his tomb stands as a symbol of his greatness and glory. 04f6b60f66

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