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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

The Dark Side Of Love(1984)

Patrizia hides a very dark secret - her brother Emilio is secretly in love with her. At first she just tries to play with him, confessing her love stories with other men, but fate has other plans for the doomed and incestuous would be lovers...

The Dark Side of Love(1984)

For the inevitable thousands of forthcoming onlookers wanting to spice up their cinematic palette, don't be deceived like myself and my incautious colleague and watch this unwittingly, when seeking 'The Dark Side of Love' (2012). As for what we sat through, despite the brazen tagline the film has adopted, the relationship of Patrizia and Emilio is never established as familiar. And you can't help but feel empathy for Emilio, a 15 year old child (albeit with suppressed frisky cravings) who's painted in the plot description as a monster, where in actuality it is Patrizia who clearly deserves the mantle of 'the slightly more depraved of the two'. All things considered, the soundtrack unironically slapped, but its directionless plot and questionable ideologies make it an overall straining endeavour.

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Les heylers

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