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Bulk Buy Tissues

We offer an exceptional selection of facial tissues that combine durability with delicacy and softness to work with sensitive skin. In our collection of facial tissue paper, you will find a variety of compact cubes, oval dispenser boxes and industrial-sized rectangular packs, so you can find the perfect product to meet all of your requirements. Our range consists of all the best known and well-regarded brands from Kleenex and Kimcare to Softy and Cloudsoft, so high quality is guaranteed with all of our products. Browse our facial tissues now to find the best deals and prices.

bulk buy tissues


Facial tissues are a soft, lightweight paper that is primarily used to clean an individual's face from dirt, blow one's nose, remove makeup or lightly wipe down surfaces. Facial tissues have the added benefit of being disposable which makes them superb alternatives to handkerchiefs and cloths.

Our distributor network connects manufacturers and resellers with fast moving goods. We fill our warehouses with thousands of high-value dollar items and distribute these products in bulk making great opportunities for profitable resale. Also, our friendly, trained, multilingual staff is ready to assist you through the entire buying process. Everyone is welcome to visit and order at our showroom/distribution center located in Los Angeles or pick up merchandise from our Houston distribution center.

Each sheet from our Soclean boxes of tissues has been manufactured from 2ply paper which is soft and gentle. Provided in a sturdy, cardboard box with a perforated opening on the top, this economic choice features tissues that have been folded to allow a single sheet to be removed at once. Perfect for everything from wiping up spills through to tending for cold-ridden noses, these gentle boxes of tissues are an essential addition in all environments from nurseries through to care homes.

The most important question you need to ask is: Does your bulk wipes manufacturer put its distributors first? Public and private label wipes manufacturers in the USA should be taking the role of their distributors more seriously because they connect buyers to their products. The more successful a distribution company is, whatever the size of that distributor, the more successful the manufacturer will be.

Be prepared this season with Livi hypoallergenic facial tissues. Soft, hypoallergenic, 2ply, 90 sheet facial tissue cube is now available from Livi Essentials. No inks, dyes, lotions or fragrances. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin* Save space and maintain hygiene standards with a minimalistic cube pack. Quality assured. 100% virgin fibre and PEFC certified. Australiana inspired limited edition floral print.

We offer a range of facial tissues in bulk, in the form of both sleeves to be inserted into existing dispensers or boxed facial tissues, ideal for office environments with their easy access and compact storage system.

All of our facial tissues are able to be purchased in bulk, ideal for both domestic and commercial usage. All types of industries require paper cleaning products like facial tissues including offices, tradesmen, schools and public institutions. Our bulk facial tissues are suitable for both workplace use and use in bathrooms for hygienic hand/face drying.

All of our wholesale facial tissues are designed to minimise waste due to their "one tissue only" design, with only one sheet appearing at a time and the next tissue appearing ready after the previous one has been used. This system is not only waste-reducing but also hygienic due to there only being required touching of the tissue in use. These systems are ideal for high traffic institutions which get heavy usages such as hotels and restaurants.

Looking for reasons to buy tissue paper in bulk for your business? We can help! Adding quality tissue paper to a gift or shopping bag is sure to spruce up your retail packaging, especially if you choose a variety of colors or prints that reflect your brand or special occasions. Buying tissue paper wholesale makes it cost effective to wrap delicate or fragile purchases for your customers as well, insuring that products can get home in one piece. Our bulk tissue paper comes in easy-to-use sheets that can be stored flat or hung on a rack, making it a great wholesale packaging option in a store where space may be limited.

While tucking a few sheets of tissue paper into a gift bag is one of the more popular uses for the product, there are many other opportunities to incorporate tissue paper into your retail packaging arsenal. Line a gift box with beautiful patterned or solid color tissue paper to professionally wrap items like clothing, glassware, or picture frames. Keep standard white bulk tissue paper on hand for wrapping multiple items into a single box or bag, making transportation of the goods more convenient for customers. Boost brand recognition by adding custom printed tissue paper into event bags or party favors, or by simply gathering the custom tissue paper around an item and securing it with a sticker or a gift tag, your customers can leave your store with products that are gift-ready.

Toilet paper remains one of the essential personal hygiene items in any business, school, hotel, or hospital. However, getting this item in bulk from a big retail store can quickly add up. We at Unisan are glad to offer bulk order toilet paper at unbeatable prices for your establishment.

However, in addition to providing premier toilet rolls at an excellent value, we offer bulk toilet tissue featuring the perfect balance of strength and softness. Our universal-size tissue rolls are also made to easily fit any standard restroom roll dispenser. With our broad selection of toilet paper products, you should have no problem with finding the proper tissue to keep each of your restrooms sanitary and stocked.

We supply high quality, 100% recyclable and biodegradable tissue paper, wholesale to the public and to companies alike, in a variety of colours: white, pastels and bold colours, metallic and patterned. All available for bulk purchase at warehouse prices.

Bulk buy Transpack's tissue paper via our website for a 5% online discount when you register for an account. We have stock available, ready for bulk purchases. There are also free delivery options available spanning the UK. Our wholesale tissue paper supplies are normally all carried in stock and ready for next day delivery

Tissue Microarray (TMA) refers to the practice of relocating multiple tissue sections, often from conventional histologic paraffin blocks, so that tissues from multiple samples can be evaluated on the same slide. TMAs provide a high-throughput histology solution, allowing simultaneous analysis of protein expression in multiple formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues or frozen tissues. Novus Biologicals offers nearly 150 tissue microarrays of healthy and diseased sections for high-throughput analysis of human, rat, mouse, and primate tissue by immunohistochemistry (IHC). In addition, our human cancer TMAs provide access to cancerous and normal adjacent tissue pairs from the same donor on the same slide, allowing you to assess differential expression of your target in normal and disease state tissue.

When you promote your brand with custom tissue paper you will create moments that are packed full of positive emotions. Order custom tissue paper in bulk for our most competitive pricing.

Our wholesale tissue paper and bulk printing services are fast and easy so that you can start marketing right away. Ready to see the difference? Upload your logo for a free digital mock-up!

Our custom printing service allows anyone to create unique artwork for any type of print job imaginable. We offer high-quality prints on top-of-the-line materials so all of our products look amazing while being completely functional at the same time! Ordering custom tissue paper in bulk quantities will allow us to give you the best price possible.

As your volume increases, we can ensure that you maintain consistency of quality. Ask about our printed tissue paper in bulk options and custom printed tissue paper wholesale when ordering larger quantities of logo printed tissue paper. 041b061a72

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