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Where To Buy Minute Maid Heartwise Orange Juice !!TOP!!

The products that boast cholesterol-lowering abilities include spreads and margarines, such as Benecol, Take Control and Smart Balance, and soy snacks such as GeniSoy Crisps. Minute Maid Premium Heart Wise orange juice, to be released in November, is the first orange juice to contain plant sterols.

where to buy minute maid heartwise orange juice

Minute Maid started out in 1945 as an orange juice company. Responding to the need for a convenient alternative to hand-squeezed juices, Minute Maid lined store shelves with a frozen orange juice concentrate. Customers loved the product, and Minute Maid kept the momentum going.

I enjoy the taste of the orange juice and like that there are vitamins still in it, unlike other juices. Packed with vitamin c and great boost to smoothies. Not too much pulp and not sugary sweet like many other juices on the market.

Love my minute maid heart wise orange juice ,it taste so good and it has plant sterol to help lower my cholesterol I have no idea what they are but if it's good for me and tastes so great I don't mind .there no sugar added and I love this for me and my family tastes like a fresh orange mmmm.Also it doesn't give me heart burn like some acidity orange juice do ! Thanks #Minutemaid

Minute Maid Enhanced 12 fl. oz. single-serve bottles are available nationwide in supermarkets and mass merchandisers at a suggested retail price of $1.59. Additionally, all five varieties of Minute Maid Enhanced juices and juice drinks, which also includes Minute Maid pomegranate flavored tea and Minute Maid Heart Wise orange juice, are available in 59 fl. oz. multi-serve bottles, nationwide.

Our delicious variety of juice beverages are real juice made for real people, and are now made with 100% vitamin C. Enjoy Minute Maid Orange Juice, a refreshing juice made from perfectly ripe, juicy oranges. Conveniently packaged in 12 fluid ounce bottles, you can always take the goodness to go.

I came across Minute Maid Heart Wise orange juice at my grocery store. It contains plant sterols to reduce cholesterol, and the label clearly states that the plant sterols are derived from highly refined oils like soybean and peanut. I just looked at the Minute Maid website for the U.S, and unfortunately that information is not disclosed on the site.

It is suggested that a person should get two grams of plant sterol per day in order to lower cholesterol. To consume those amounts, an orange juice drinker would have to down two eight-ounce glasses of the new Minute Maid.

The milk uses an ingredient with plant sterols, found naturally in some vegetables, fruits, nuts, and other foods, and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as potentially helping reduce the risk of heart disease. The CoroWise plant sterols extract, from Minneapolis-based Cargill Inc., already is offered in a range of national brand products from orange juice to granola bars.

In 1945, the National Research Corporation (NRC) of Boston, Massachusetts, developed a method of dehydrating medical products for use in the U.S. war effort. The US Army wanted to extend this process to nutritious food, so NRC created a new subsidiary, the Florida Foods Corporation. Led by John M. Fox,[5] Florida Foods Corporation won a government contract worth $750,000 for 500,000 lb (227,000 kg) of powdered orange juice for the war.[4] The war ended and the contract was canceled before the factory could be built, but with investment, the company moved forward with a product.[4]

Rather than selling powder to the public market, the company decided to create frozen orange juice concentrate, using a process that eliminated 80 percent of the water in orange juice. A Boston marketing firm H. A. Loudon Advertising came up with the name Minute Maid, implying the juice was quick and easy to prepare.[4]

The Crosby radio show ran until October 1950 and the ability to purchase fresh-tasting orange juice at any time of year, far from where oranges are grown, proved popular, and led to the company's national success.[4] 041b061a72

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