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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

The Lord Of The Rings.The Rings Of Power (2022)...

IMPORTANT UPDATE 8-22: If the previous link does not work, try this one. As of 9:20am PT there are still tickets available in Los Angeles. This link will take you to Los Angeles shows, but re-enter your own zip code to find shows near you. -lord-of-the-rings-the-rings-of-power-global-fan-screenings?showDate=2022-08-31

The Lord of the Rings.The Rings of Power (2022)...

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When Morgoth is eventually defeated during The First Age, the Silmarils remained behind while the Elves traveled to Middle-earth because they were too powerful to hold and drove otherwise reasonable people to lust for power. You can see a nod to the three Silmarils on Galadriel's ornamental dagger, and it will likely be a major point of discussion before Annatar becomes Sauron and forges the rings of power to give to all the leaders of Middle-earth. 041b061a72

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