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Sebastian Ross
Sebastian Ross

Your Will Shall Decide Your DestinyAnne : Seaso... __EXCLUSIVE__

Anne: I am ecstatic beyond measure that I'm going to belong to you and your sister. Ecstatic! I've never belonged to anybody before. I mean, you and your sister are practically the stuff of fiction. Two hard-working, decent people, lonely all their lives in their silent house, longing for the love of a child. And I will strive to be just the best daughter that anybody could ever have. I'm sure that I can do it. To be honest, I haven't had much experience at it. I'm not usually brought into a house to be a daughter, so you can well imagine what a blessing this is and how much my heart is lifted.

Your Will Shall Decide Your DestinyAnne : Seaso...

Anne: Dearest Snow Queen, I accept your token offering. Had I a book, I would press these sacred blossoms between its pages so that I could forever be reminded of this treasured moment. Nevertheless... I... Princess Cordelia... shall cherish this gift always. Let my kiss prove my devotion...

It's just that your gable room and your lovely old cherry tree provide such scope for the imagination. I've... also been wishing with all my might that you'd tell me that you'd decided that I could stay.

Anne: I've made up my mind to enjoy this drive. It's been my experience that you can nearly always enjoy something if you make up your mind firmly that you will. Of course, you must make up your mind firmly. I believe this is something you and I have in common.

Anne: How would you like to have such things said about you?! How would you like to be told that you're fat and clumsy and probably hadn't a spark of imagination in you?! And I don't care if I hurt your feelings by saying so. I hope I hurt them! Because you have hurt my feelings worse than they have ever been hurt before, and I will never forgive you for this! Never, never!!!

Rachel: Oh, no, no. I'm not vexed. Don't worry yourself. I feel too sorry for you to have any anger left in my mind. But if you will take my advice you will have that "talking-to" with a fair-sized birch switch, and get her on the next train out. Goodbye, Marilla.

Develop and use your natural talents and spiritual gifts. Ask God to help you identify the talents He has given you to use in the world and the gifts He has given you to use in the church. Once you know what these are, aim to use them as fully as you can every day, and as you serve you will be fulfilling your destiny in the process.

Develop a lifestyle of worship. When you approach every situation in your life with an attitude of worship (honoring God), you will start to recognize God at work in your life and position yourself to hear from the Holy Spirit regularly, which will help you fulfill your destiny. 041b061a72

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