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How to create SACD discs with Philips SuperAuthor

How to create SACD discs with Philips SuperAuthor

SACD (Super Audio CD) is a high-resolution audio format that offers superior sound quality and multichannel surround sound. However, creating SACD discs is not a simple task, as it requires special software and hardware. In this article, we will introduce Philips SuperAuthor, a full-fledged authoring tool for the SACD format, and show you how to use it to create SACD disc images from your stereo/multichannel DSD files.

Philips SuperAuthor

What is Philips SuperAuthor

Philips SuperAuthor is a software developed by Philips that allows you to create SACD disc images from your DSD files in an easy and intuitive user interface[^1^]. It supports both stereo and multichannel DSD files, as well as DST compression for saving disc space. It also allows you to specify track points, text, and album info for your SACD disc image. The resulting image file, outputted as DVDIMAGE.DAT, can be opened in UltraISO and burnt onto blank DVD, the resulting disc of which successfully plays as an "SACD-R" on your SACD player[^1^].

How to download and install Philips SuperAuthor

Philips SuperAuthor is not officially available from Philips, but you can download it from some online sources, such as AVAXHOME[^1^] or Dianbo Forum[^2^]. However, be careful of possible malware or viruses when downloading from unknown sources.

After downloading the zip file, extract the folder "Philips SuperAuthor" to "C:\Program Files" and copy the file "Files.dll" to "C:\Windows\System32". Then double-click the file "ClickMeBeforeFirstRunOrAfterPathChange.cmd" in the folder "Philips SuperAuthor" to register the DLL components[^2^]. This step is necessary for importing DFF files into the software.

Note that Philips SuperAuthor works best on Windows XP, and may have some bugs on Windows 7[^2^]. It does not work on higher versions of Windows.

How to use Philips SuperAuthor to create SACD disc images?

Here are the basic steps for using Philips SuperAuthor to create SACD disc images:

  • Run the file "C:\Program Files\Philips SuperAuthor\SuperAuthor.exe" to launch the software.

  • Select "New Project" from the menu bar and choose a project name and location.

  • Select "Import DSD/DST File(s)" from the menu bar and browse for your DSD files (either DFF or DSF format). You can import multiple files at once, but they must have the same sample rate and channel configuration (either stereo or multichannel).

  • The imported files will appear in the track list window on the left side of the software interface. You can edit the track points, track titles, album title, album artist, genre, year, etc., by right-clicking on each track or using the buttons on the toolbar.

  • Select "Create Disc Image" from the menu bar and choose a destination folder for your disc image file (DVDIMAGE.DAT).

  • The software will start creating your disc image file according to the "Scarlet Book II" standard for SACD discs[^1^]. This may take some time depending on the size and number of your DSD files.

  • When the disc image creation is finished, you can exit the software and open your disc image file with UltraISO or another ISO editing software.

  • Burn your disc image file onto a blank DVD using UltraISO or another burning software.

  • Enjoy your SACD-R disc on your compatible SACD player!


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